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16brand Filter Shot Shading Almond

16brand Filter Shot Shading Almond


Introducing the revolutionary 16 Filter Shot Mini Contour Palette by Chosungah, in the "Almond" Color Palette, designed to give your skin that flawless, filtered look that's so popular online. This compact palette features two beautifully crafted bronzers and one mesmerizing highlighter, offering everything you need to achieve a perfected, photo-ready complexion.

These specially curated pigments mimic the effects of your favorite filters, effortlessly sculpting and defining your features. Whether you desire a sun-kissed, sunkissed or a contoured chiseled look, these shades blend seamlessly into your skin, creating a natural and flawless appearance.

Compact and travel-friendly, this Mini Contour Palette is your secret weapon for achieving a filtered complexion on the go. Slip it into your bag and effortlessly transform your look from day to night, creating a flawlessly contoured and illuminated effect wherever you are.

Discover the power of the Mini Contour Palette and let your skin glow like it's been perfected with a filter. Unleash your inner confidence and capture picture-perfect moments that will leave everyone wondering how you always look so effortlessly flawless.

Always test cosmetics before applying to the face. If irritation occurs discontinue use.

Product of Korea

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