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Animal Life Tart Eraser Clay

Animal Life Tart Eraser Clay


This eraser clay, commonly referred to in the states as kneaded eraser, is a wildly popular product at schools across Japan! Known as ねりけし, or "Eraser Putty", it comes in a wide variety of colors, scents, and package designs. 

This set includes 3 scented colors!

Blue - Blueberry

Brown - Mont Blanc (Chestnut Pastry) 

Green - Melon

Eraser clay can be molded like Play-Doh and used as an eraser. This variety of eraser putty does not dry out, can be used over and over again, and stored in the plastic container that it came in. If you are looking for a make your own eraser kit where the clay keeps its form try our DIY microwave eraser kit! 


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