Bandai Puni Tapi-chan Aqua Milk Tea Virtual Pet

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This bubble tea themed virtual pet by Bandai Japan provides hours of entertainment!

Collect Puni Tapi to make drinks, provide care, and play mini games!

The controls for the Puni Tapi-Chan consist of three buttons and using the straw on the top to "stir". The straw can be seen on the LCD screen, and reacts in real time with corresponding drink sounds!

The goal of the game is to expand your Boba shop, by collecting many Puni Tappi-chan and creating drinks for your customers. Other Features include

  • Home Screen Clock function
  • A classic virtual pet care-giving experince
  • Tons of Puni-Tapi to collect
  • A verity of in game drinks to make
  • 6 mini games

Japanese language only! The game contains little to no dialogue, however the included instruction guide is not translated into English. Multiple translated guides and video tutorials are available on the internet for free. If you need any assistance feel free to reach out via our contact page for more help.

Manufacturer recommended 6+, Please use discretion when gifting imported products. 

Batteries: Requires 3 AAA batteries (sold separately).