Fuwa Fuwa Paper Clay 4 Color Pack Chocolate Hues

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This type of clay by Kutsuwa is very soft, and is called "Fuwa Fuwa clay" in Japan, "Fuwa Fuwa" means "soft like a cloud" in Japanese! Not only is it super soft to the touch, but it is one of the lightest weight modeling materials on the market!

The soft clay is easy to roll and mold, but also extrudes like a mouse for realistic looking fake sweets. It is great for doll house and miniature models. You can even add jewelry findings (not included) to make sweet accessories!

This clay air dries smooth and retains a soft tot he touch sponge like material, with no cracks or crumbling.

With the ability to mix colors and use with your own molds or any Kutsuwa brand kits, the creativity is in your hands! 

This set Includes

  • Dark Chocolate Brown Paper Clay
  • Milk Chocolate Brown Paper Clay
  • Caramel Color Paper Clay
  • Pure Pink Paper Clay

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This item is not edible! Please use discretion when gifting imported products.