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Godzilla Collaboration Plush Mascot - Godzilla

Godzilla Collaboration Plush Mascot - Godzilla


Introducing the Godzilla key chain plush, a must-have accessory for any fan of the iconic kaiju monster. This adorable and huggable plush captures the essence of Godzilla's mighty presence in a compact and portable form.

This key chain plush features the legendary monster in all its glory, from its fearsome expression and sharp teeth to its powerful tail and signature spines. Its vibrant colors and meticulously designed features pay homage to the beloved character, making it an instant favorite among Godzilla enthusiasts.

Not only is this key chain plush a fantastic way to keep your keys organized and easily identifiable, he also makes a great backpack, bag, or belt acsessory!

Size: 4 in height x 3 in width x 3 in thickness

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